Eve, Norea, Magdalene

I am the Mother of the Living,

I am the bearer of forbidden fruit,

I am the one they call fallen,

I am the one She calls blessed.

I am the herald of truth,

I am the the teacher who they called temptress.

I am the Hidden Princess,

I am the Call of Her Sacred Name.

I am their desire and their fear,

I am protected by Her loving light.

I am raised up on wings of angels,

I am the battle versus ignorance.

I am the Priestess of Sophia,

I am the Tower and the Holy Grail,

I am the most beloved of my teacher,

I am the most demeaned by his followers.

I am the Anointer and the Witness,

I am the conqueror of Seven Demons.

I am still here. I have never left you.

I am the voice guiding you since birth,

I am the child who dreams of changing the world,

I am the humble maid giving aid to those who need it.

I am the old one guiding generations to come.

I am the Jewel of the Goddess,

I am Her Most Beloved Daughter.

I am Life.

I am Zoe.



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[‘Mother Mary bestowing blessings’ by Tade Styka]

1st of Maia – Stelladi

Today in the Janite Calendar is the first of the month of Maia and the Feast of MariMaia.

It is a minor festival that gives praise and honour to the Creatrix aspect of Déa often called the Celestial Mother. In Sophian Déanism, She is most known as Maria Sophia – the Higher form or Mother aspect of Sophia. Maria is the avatar She has taken in many of Her apparitions as Mary, mother of Yeshua, to many throughout the centuries. May has often been held as a sacred month dedicated to Her, and before Christianity became widespread, goddesses of Springtime and Motherhood were also revered. This time of renewed life and nature gives us a wonderful feeling of connection to Her, as She continues to create, to ‘birth’.

We often acknowledge the Mother more in the latter half of the year, particularly in the run up to Astrea and the Nativity. This season is often more focused on the Holy Daughter and Her ascension, with Her coronation as Queen of Heaven to be celebrated on the 14th of Maia, or ‘May Day’. However we are still to remember and give praise to the Heavenly Mother who is the assumption of the Holy Daughter and, as She is the World Soul, the assumption of us all. Being a mother does not stop after giving birth or when a child has reached maturity. Our Heavenly Mother continues to work with Our Saviouress to not only generate new life but to aid the uplifting of all souls continuing to learn and grow amidst creation.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia has written up great suggestions for Marian related devotions and practices fitting for today: MariMaia

All praise be to She who shattered the gates of Hell to rescue Her Beloved Daughter!

All praise to the Weaver of Life and Sculpture of the Multiverse!

All praise to She whose Love knows no boundary!

Blessed is Our Mother; Maria Sophia. Déa Madria. Mother God.

Blessed is She.

Day of Kyria Theia

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– Sun Goddess by Kyoko Yamaji

26th of Columbina

Sunnadi (Sunday) is the day of the week corresponding to Kyria Theia, also known as Sai Raya or Lady Brilliance.

Kyria Theia is Our Lady of the Sun. She is the Jana of Joy, Laughter and Benevolence. Along with Kyria Phoebe and Kyria Rhea, she is one of the Three Fold Guardians of Heaven. Each Three Fold Guardian corresponds as a splendid reflection of the Trinity. Kyria Theia is the reflection of our Celestial Mother; Déa Madria, who is known in Sophian Déanism as Maria Sophia.

The Sun is often revered, particularly in Neopaganism, as representation of the divine male. The dying and rising Son/Sun of his Mother/consort Goddess. Many point to the harshness of heat and the strength of pure light as masculine energies. For Sophian Déanists, we do not view the Sun this way. The Sun for us is sheer beauty and illumination. It is that which nourishes our skin and the earth around us in harmony with the water and nature. It is that which wakes us and guides us through the day, through time itself, it defines so much of our life. The Sun is also that which children play under on a warm, Summers day. It’s scientific fact that sunlight (obviously taken in proportion) helps aid recovery of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

And the Sun’s significance is not limited to our own solar system but to the countless beautiful stars that make up our galaxy and the many beyond in the Universe. While there is no doubt beauty in the shimmering darkness, we could not appreciate it without the gift that is Light. Even the most staunch atheist can agree; We are all made from stardust.

Clearly, we are all children of the Sun.

That is why we correspond Our Bright Mother with the Sun. In the Clear Recital, within the Creation, it is said that Déa laughed the Universe into being. The whole first chapter is littered with descriptions of how life was radiated and given form by the love and joy felt by Our Mother as Her happiness gave birth to all things. Madria Theia’s primary Mystery is that of the creation of all spirits. Everything that ever was and will be is an expression of Her joy. Each one of us, whatever and whomever we are, is a tiny ray of Her sheer delight.

Growing up I was always told that Sunday, the ‘Sabbath’ for Christians, was a solemn day of rest and reflection. For Sophians, however, I feel it is a day of enjoyment and fun. All laughter, music, dancing and happiness is an act of devotion to Kyria Theia. As for many it is the start of the week and a good time to reflect upon the Creation and remember, always, that we were created by Our Lady not to bow down in worship or obedience or subjugation. We were born to share in Her love and joy. We were born to try our best to live this life with as much happiness in our hearts as we can find. Now, suffering with depression and anxiety myself, I’m aware that’s not always easy. But praying to Kyria Theia, asking Her to shine Her rays upon you, to guide you in opening your heart to Our Lady’s delight, does help me a lot.

So if you’re lucky enough to rest today, do so. Even if you do have to work, as many of us do, let it not harden your heart or deflate your soul. Summon Her into your work space or wherever you need to be. Try to feel Her joy even as you toil. Think of a joke or anecdote recently that made you laugh out loud. Think of someone close to you who does something so adorable or comical that you can’t help but smile. Think of a piece of news or media that gave you a feeling of excitement or enlightenment.

Let Her be a portable Sun to carry with you as you go.

O, Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Generosity and Benevolence, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Blessed be the Seven Holy Aeons; the Janati.

Blessed is She.



Sophian & Janite Déanism


24th of Columbina 

I have now completed the edits to my blog that have removed mentions of identifying as Filianist or labelling my path ‘Sophian Filianism’.

I now refer to my faith simply as Sophian Déanism. Please see the About / ‘Sophian Déanism’ page in the Menu briefly explaining what my path means.

Another wonderful bit of news to update on is that I have become an official devotee of the Janite Tradition, which is itself a Sophian Déanic faith. After many enlightening discussions with ArchMadria Candra Sophia, we both came to the decision to merge our paths under this one perfect label, creating a religion that will finally give Sophia – Our Mother, Our God, Our Déa – the devotion and praise She is due. Sophian Déanism is a faith for those looking to worship Sophia without Her being pushed aside or demoted or patronised by the Divine Masculine. However, unlike some Déanic faiths, we do not deny the existence of a Father God or Divine Son; merely that Déa – Our Divine Mother – is supreme over them and the True Source of all that is. Sophian Déanists are free to still worship the Father and Son if they so desire, so long as their worship is kept separate from the feminine Sophian Trinity; the Dark Mother Barbelo, the Bright Mother Maria-Sophia, and the Holy Daughter Zoe-Sophia.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to find a tradition to which I feel I belong at last. I was content as an Independent Filianist, different but similar to my more Orthodox friends in the Ekklesia, but I have since realised that I was holding onto the Filianist label for the wrong reasons. I was attempting to broaden the religion to mean something which, by its Orthodox roots, it simply wasn’t. Filianism should be allowed to be its own thing without me attempting to turn it into something else for my own needs, creating different Filianist ‘denominations’ when none were meant to exist. While I still share many similar beliefs with my Filianist sisters, I now feel more comfortable being proud of my beliefs that are different and to which I am not alone in holding in the wider Déanic faith.

Last year I did a small solitary rite of consecration to welcome myself into the Déanic faith. Now I may do something similar to specifically celebrate entering the Janite Tradition with the blessing of ArchMadria Candra Sophia and the other wonderful ladies in the group.

May we all shine in Her limitless Light,

Blessed is She.

[artist for above imagine unknown, if anyone is aware, please inform me so I can credit]

Changing Paths

22nd of Columbina

The ‘About Sophian Déanism’ page on my blog is undergoing a rewrite.

This is due in me coming to the realisation that I am no longer comfortable identifying as Filianist.

I am still a Déanist; I believe God as Mother is Supreme above all other entities. I believe we all came from Her and we shall all return to Her. However, I also do not deny the existence of a Divine Masculine who emanates from the Divine Mother. He is not a part of my religion but I believe His presence is valid for those who believe in Him. I do not believe in Feminine Essentialism or that women are somehow a better reflection of God than men or other creations. I believe all souls, whatever gender or sexuality or race they may take in this life, all come from Déa and are a part of Her. While I believed that identifying as ‘Independent Filianist’ meant it was possible to be a part of that particular faith without also agreeing to these issues, they seem to be intrinsic to the faith itself and held by most, if not all, those in the community who identify as Filianist. That is fine, but I simply don’t share those beliefs. And I don’t wish to branch Filianism as a term out into something it’s not supposed to be.

I still believe and worship the Holy Daughter. I observe the Madrian feasts and Wheel of the Year. I follow the Creed and the Catechism (Janite form). I still study the Clear Recital and use it as my spiritual guide and foundation – but I do not believe either of these are claimed exclusively by Filianism and existed before going back to the practices of Lux Madriana and possibly before.

Therefore I find myself leaning more towards the religion of the Janite Tradition, which has also taken on the name of Sophian Déanism. We both share an understanding of the Divine Masculine existing separately from the Divine Feminine and both coming from the Great Mother Mysteria; Déa Barbelo. We also share the same view on the Daughter, Zoe Sophia, having sacrificed Herself by becoming the Soul of the World as opposed to literally ‘dying’ at the hands of the Fallen Queen. Having had some wonderful discussions with the Janite High Priestess, ArchMadria Candra Sophia, I feel we agree on certain theological ideas more so than I do with Filianists, for the most part.

However, despite our small differences, I still feel a kinship with my Filianist sisters and hope this doesn’t change anything in our shared worship of Déa – the Mother, the Daughter, the Great Mysteria and the Seven Janati. I don’t plan on moving away or distancing myself from the Greater Déanic community. I think now more than ever we need to try to regrow certain bonds as opposed to giving up and salting the earth, so to speak.

I will later be editing certain pages on my blog, as well as my Tumblr, to remove mentions to identifying as Filianist. I am still in the process of learning finer details about the Janite Tradition so will be a learning process.

May She hold us all close in Her arms,

Sorella Roselyn.


Day of Our Sovereign Lady

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5th of Columbina

Hail to Our Lady; Our Daughter God.

On this day, five days after the most holy Eastre, we honour Her as Princess of the World. She who was born of the Celestial Mother perfect and pure; without kear. She who has carried the light of the Mother unto all corners of the world, then journeyed down to the depths of despair in order to give Her Spirit unto all the world, so that none may ever be lost. She who Our Mother shattered the gates of Hell for and rescued from the abyss so that we may be assumed up with Her into Paradise. She whose Word has been expressed by many enlightened, courageous and loving messengers of Light throughout the ages – for this we call Her Zoe Sophia; Living Wisdom.

We may also call Her Anna, the Daughter of Heaven. We may also call Her Kore, the Divine Maiden. We may also call Her Aurora; the Rising Light. We may call Her by any of the countless other names She has been known to the world. In all of these, in Her purest form, She is Love.

As Princess of the World, She establishes Thamë, which is the Divine Law of Heaven. In following Her teachings we obey Déa’s law and help to keep the world in harmony. We are told that we need not submit to any law of the land which betrays the laws of love. Laws that are injust, that sanction slavery or discrimination or inequality. Our Princess is above all earthly rulers, whether corrupt politicians or tyrannical dictators. Now I don’t mean to tar all world leaders with the same brush. There are many who I honestly believe try their best to run their country and people in a way that is fair and peaceful, as much as they are able. Leaders such as these are those who, whether knowingly or not, are serving under the rule of the Princess. The others, however, who exploit or abuse their people will someday face Her judgement. And we are encouraged, as Her faithful subjects, to challenge the law where we can (by acts of grace and words of wisdom, NOT harmful extremism), so that the Thamë may be kept in balance.

No matter what are feelings may be towards the leaders of the world, from the one who is head of the household to the Prime Minister, we can always seek comfort and security in the arms of Our Princess. While She is the Princess OF the world, the World does not own Her. For She is from Heaven; as we all are in truth.

“You have gained knowledge of the world. But I say, be not wise with the wisdom of the world, nor proud with the pride of the world, nor straight with the pride of the world, neither lose yourself in any of the ways and fashions of the world, but come to Me as little children in the pure simplicity of your hearts and the virgin innocence of your souls. For truly, all of you are children in the eyes of your Mother. And I shall receive all who come as Her children.” – Divine Maid, Chapter 10, Verse 4 (NCUV)

Hail to the Princess!

Hail to the High Queen of Heaven!

Hail to the Empress of All Things!

Blessed is She.

Happy Eastre!


“The children of the earth cried: ‘Lift up your voices in song and laughter, for the princess of the world was dead and is alive again, was broken and is whole; and there is no place whereto Her joyous rule does not extend. Give praise to the Mother of All Things, and praise to Her Daughter. Rejoice for the world is renewed!'”

– The Clear Recital (NCUV), 1:9:21-23

1st of Columbina

Today is arguably the most important day of the Filianic calendar. It is the Day of Our Lady’s resurrection, the first day of Spring, the day of Kyria Metis (Lady Wisdom), and the first day of the liturgical new year.

Blessings and good will to all my fellow Filyana today! Whatever tradition you may be, we are all one Ekklesia of Our Lady, Déa.

Whatever name you know the Holy Daughter by, may She bless and keep you in all things!

Congratulations to all those who have observed their Moura dedications probably better than I did (I managed to avoid chocolate for the most part. So guess what I am doing today!). Let’s all go into the new year with our souls tempered and confident for what the future may bring.

This morning I had a lovely walk with my dogs and was struck heavily by the presence of Déa all around me. We have been experiencing an overly long Winter here in England with heavy snow and icy winds. Finally today it felt like a true Spring day with clear skies, bright sunshine and mild temperature. On my phone I listened to a reading of The Clear Recital by our Sorella Fawn (who is currently taking an indefinite break from the Ekklesia, but her contributions will always be appreciated). This was followed by a selection of music on my Spotify playlist which helped fuel my devotional mood for the morning. One piece which came up was from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack; Hans Zimmer’s ‘The Burning Bush’.

At the climax of this piece (around 4:45) I was almost in tears as I experienced my beloved Kyria, Zoe Sophia, taking my hands and dancing with my very soul. It felt like the closest I’ve come to experiencing astral projecting (a practice I have never quite got the hang of before).

My goal for this year is to try and remember that this feeling of celebration is not just limited to today. Though it is a special mark of remembrance for Our Lady, the Daughter is continuously being born, living, descending, dying and rising for us every single moment of every day. I intend to try to capture this joy and feeling of worth, bottle it, and remind myself to be filled with Her Spirit anytime I need Her.

Wishing love and happiness to all my Filianic siblings, as well as to Pagans celebrating Ostara in praise of the Goddess. I also wish my Jewish friends a blessed Passover, and to Christians a happy Easter in celebrating the day of their Lord (who I still adore and admire as one of my Agyias).

Praise be to the Mother; Marya Sophia,

Praise be to the Daughter; Kyria Zoe.

Praise be to the Dark Mother; Mysteria Barbelo.

Praise be to Déa. Blessed is She.