Ten Odes to the Lady

These thirteen prayers are taken from the Odes to the Light from the book of Pistis Sophia. The thirteen Odes the soul offers up to the Light have been adapted here into Filianic language with their meaning being the same (for example; the name to represent a tyrant ruler has been replaced with Irkalla).

First Ode to the Lady

I will sing praises to you, O Lady, for I desired to come to you. I will sing you praises, O Lady, for you are my deliverer.

Do not leave me in the chaos. Save me, O Queen of the Heavens, for I have praised you.

You sent me your Daughter through yourself and saved me. You led me to the higher regions of the chaos.

May the expressions of the Archon which pursue me, sink down into the lower regions of chaos, and do not let them come to the higher regions to see me.

And may great darkness cover them and darker gloom come over them. And do not let them see me in the light of your power, which you have sent to me to save me, so that they may not dominate me.

And do not let their resolution to take away my power take effect for them. And as they have spoken against me, and tried to take from me my light, take theirs from them instead of mine.

And they have proposed to take away my whole light and have not been able to take it, for your light-power was with me.

Because they have taken counsel without your will, O Lady, therefore they have not been able to take away my light.

Because I have had faith in the Lady, I shall not be afraid; and the Lady is my deliverer and I shall not fear.

Second Ode to the Lady

The light has become a wreath around my head; and I shall not leave it, so that the expressions of the Archon may not rob it from me.

And though all the substances be shaken, I will not be shaken.

And though all my substances perish and remain in the chaos, I will not perish.

For the Lady is with me, and I myself am with the Lady.

Third Ode to the Lady 

O Lady, it is you who have helped me; let your light rain over me.

For you are my protector, and I come to you, O Lady, having faith in you, O Lady.

For you are my saviour from the expressions of the Archon and of Irkalla, the Tyrant, and you shall save me from all her violent threats.

Fourth Ode to the Lady

I am saved from the chaos and loosed from the bonds of the darkness. I have come to you, O Lady.

For you were light on all sides of me, saving me and helping me.

And the expressions of the Archon, which fought against me, you hindered through your light, and they could not come near me; for your light was with me and saved me through your light-stream.

Because the expressions of Self-willed truly constrained me, they took my power from me and cast me out into the chaos with no light in me. So I became as heavy-weighing substance in comparison with them.

And after that a light-stream came to me through you which saved me; it shone on my left and on my right and surrounded me on all sides, so that no part of me was without light.

And you have covered me with the light of your stream and purged from me all evil substances; and I shall be relieved of all my substances because of your light.

And it is your light-stream which has raised me up and taken from me the expressions of the Archon which constrained me.

And I became sure-trusting in your light and purified light in your stream.

And the expressions of the Archon which constrained me have withdrawn from me; and I shone in your great power, for you save forever.

Fifth Ode to the Lady

I sing a song to you; through your will you led me down out of the higher æon, and led me up to the regions which are below.

And again through your will you saved me from the regions which are below, and through you taken there the substance in my light-powers, and I have seen it.

And you have scattered the expressions of the Archon far from me, those which constrained me and were hostile to me, and have bestowed power on me to free myself from the bonds of the expressions of Irkalla.

And you have stricken the seven-headed basilisk and cast it out with my hands and have set me above its substance. You destroyed it, so that its seed may not raise itself from now on.

And you were with me, giving me power in all things, and your light surrounded me in all regions, and through you all the expressions of the Archon have been made powerless.

For you have taken the power of their light from them and made straight my way to lead me out of the chaos.

And you removed me from the material darknesses and took from them all my powers, from which the light had been taken.

You put into them purified light and into all my limbs, in which was no light, you have given purified light from the Light of Heaven. 

And you have made straight the way for them my limbs, and the light of your face has become for me life eternal.

You have led me forth above the chaos, the region of chaos and extermination, in order that all the substances in that region, might be freed and all my powers be renewed in your light, and your light be in them.

You have deposited the light of your stream in me and I have become purified light.

Sixth Ode to the Lady

I will declare: You are the higher Aeon that saved me and led me to you, and you have not let the expressions of the Archon, which are hostile to me, take my light.

O Lady of lights, I sing praises to you; you saved me.

O Lady, you have led up my power out of chaos; you saved me from them who have gone down into the darkness.

The Lady has become my saviour.

And She has changed my ignorance into wisdom, and She has destroyed the chaos which surrounded me and girded me with light.

My power, sing praises to the Lady and do not forget all the powers of the Lady which it has given to you.

And the powers which are in you sing praises to the name of Her holy mystery;

Who forgives all your transgressions, who saves you from all the afflictions with which the expressions of the Archon have snared you;

Who has saved your light from the expressions of the Archon which belong to destruction; who has wreathed you with light in Her compassion, until Her saved you;

Who has filled you with purified light; and your beginning will renew itself as an invisible of the Height.’

Seventh Ode to the Lady

In faith I have had faith in the Lady; and She remembered me and listened to my song.

She led my power up out of the chaos and the nether darkness of the whole substance. She removed me to a higher and surer heaven, lofty and firm; She changed my place on the way which leads to my region.

And She has given me a new mystery, which is not that of my æon, and given me a song of the Lady. Now, therefore, O Lady, all the rulers will see what you have done to me, and be afraid and have faith in the Lady.

Eighth Ode to the Lady

O Lady of lights, I have had faith in you. Save me from all these rulers who pursue me, and help me,

That they may never take my light from me, as the lion-faced power did. For your light is not with me and your light-stream to save me. Irkalla is even more enraged against me, saying, “You have imprisoned my power in the chaos.”

O Lady of lights, if I have done this and have imprisoned it, if I have done any injustice at all to that power,

Or if I have constrained it, as it has constrained me, then let all these rulers who pursue after me take my light from me and leave me empty;

And let the enemy, Irkalla, pursue my power and seize it and take my light from me and cast it into his dark power in the chaos, and keep my power there.

Now, O Lady, lay hold on me in your wrath and lift up your power above my enemies who have lifted themselves up against me to the very end.

Quicken me quickly, as you have said to me, “I will help you.”

Admonition to the Darkness

Why do you pursue me and say I should not have help, that the Lady should not save me from you?

Now my rescuer is the Lady, and She is a strong one, but She is abiding until the time comes when She will come and help me. And She will not always bring Her wrath upon you. This is the time, however, of which She has spoken to me.

Now, if you do not turn back and stop chasing after me, then the Lady will make Her power ready; it will make all of Her powers ready.

And in Her power She has readied Herself so that She may take the lights from within you, so you become darkness; and Her power brought it to pass, so that She may take your power from you and you may go to ground.

Ninth Ode to the Light

O Lady, behold! Irkalla, the doer of violence, is wrathful; she has a cruel expression,

And she has emanated another chaos and made another evil and chaotic one.

See, O Lady, the chaos which she has made, in order to cast me down there and take my light-power from me. Take, then, from him her own.

And the plan which she has devised, to take my light, they are to take hers from her; and the injustice which she has spoken, to take my lights from me, take then all of hers.

Tenth Ode to the Light

I give thanks to you, O Lady, for you are a saviour; you are a deliverer for all time.

I utter this Ode to the Lady, for She has saved me and brought me out of the hand of the archons, my enemies.

And you have preserved me in all the regions, you have saved me from the hells and the depth of chaos and out of the æons of the archons of the sphere.

And when I was come out of the Hells, I wandered round in regions of darkness, and I could not return to the thirteenth Heaven, my dwelling-place.

For there was no light in me nor power. My power was utterly weakened.

And the Lady saved me in all my afflictions. I sang praises to the Lady, and She listened to me when I was constrained.

She guided me in the creation of the æons to lead me up to the thirteenth heaven, my dwelling-place.

I give thanks to you, O Lady, that you saved me, and for your wondrous works for Maidkind.

When my power failed, you gave me power; and when my light failed, you filled me with purified light.

I was in the darkness and in the shadow of the chaos, bound with the mighty fetters of the chaos, and no light was in me.

For I have provoked the will of the Light and have transgressed, and I angered the will of the Light, because I left my region.

And when I had gone down, I failed my light and became without light, and no one helped me.

And in my affliction I sang praises to the Light, and it saved me from my afflictions.

And it has also shattered all my bonds and led me up out of the darkness and the affliction of the chaos.

I give thanks to you, O Lady, that you saved me and that your wondrous works have been wrought in humanity.

And you have shattered the upper gates of Hell and the mighty bolts of the chaos.

And you let me depart out of the region in which I had transgressed, and in which my light was taken.

And I ceased from my mysteries and went down to the gates of the chaos.

And when I was constrained, I sang praises to the Lady. She saved me from all my afflictions.

You sent your stream; it gave me power and saved me from all my afflictions.

I give thanks to you, O Lady, that you have saved me, and for your wondrous works in Maidkind.


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