Immah Barbelo

Holy Barbelo,

Eternal mystery,

Mother supreme,

From your womb comes forth all light,

And in your darkness all find peace,

Only you, Great One,

Are the foundation of all things,

Unbreakable. Irrevocable. Immovable.

Your faces are many and yet your heart is One,

That which pulses through the multiverse,

Through all heavens and hells and spiritual planes.

There is nothing beyond You and nothing before You.

O Imma Regina. Triple Powered. Triple Pure.

May all come to know that they have never been separate from You,

May those bound up in sorrow and suffering break through this illusion.

For we have been held in your arms since the beginning,

And to your embrace shall all come to sleep.

Blessed art thou, Goddess, Our Lady,


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