The Maid’s Prayer

Holy are You, O Déa, the Mother of the Universe.

Holy are You, O Déa, whose Will perfects itself by means of its own Powers.

Holy are You, O Déa, who willeth to be known and are known by Thine own.

Holy are You, who did by Laughter make to consist the things that are.

Holy are You, of whom all Nature hath been made an image.

Holy are You, whose form Nature hath never made.

Holy are You, more powerful than all power.

Holy are You, transcending all preeminence.

Holy You are, You better than all praise.

Accept my reason’s offerings, from soul and heart stretched up to You,
O You unutterable, unspeakable, Whose Name none but the Silence can express.

Give ear to me who pray that I may never of Love fail, which is our common being’s nature; and fill me with Your Wisdom, and with this Grace, that I may give the Light to those in ignorance.

For this cause I believe, and I bear witness; I go to Life and Light. Blessed are You, O Mother. Your offspring would holy be as You are holy, even as You gave Your full authority. 


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