The Wheel of the Year

Sophians follow the same version of the Wheel of the Year as the Janite tradition. There are 13 months in the Janite calander; which begins on the first day of Columbia (March 21st) and last until the final month of Moura.

Note: These corresponding dates are for those in the Northern Hemisphere. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the months are switched according to which season. For example, the Feast of Madria Noctre which takes place on Dec. 21st would be switched to June 21st for those in the opposite part of the globe.

See the side-menu for the symbolic meanings behind these holy months and the festivals celebrated in each one.

Sophians also have different names for each day of the week, each of which represent one of the Seven Holy Aeons (Janati).

The Seven Weekdays (Sunday to Saturday)

Sunnadi (Sun Day) – Day of Kyria Thea / Sai Raya / Lady Vision.

Lunadi (Moon Day) – Day of Kyria Pheobe / Sai Candre / Lady Clarity

Rosadi (Rose Day)  – Day of Kyria Nike / Sai Vikhë / Lady Victory

Stelladi (Star Day) Day of Kyria Metis / Sai Mati / Lady Wisdom

Pomadi (Pomegranate Day) – Day of Kyria Themys / Sai Thame / Lady Justice

Columbadi (Dove Day) – Day of Kyria Tethys / Sai Sushuri / Lady Grace

Foradi (Flora Day) – Day of Kyria Rhea / Sai Rhavë / Lady Patience