Samhain (Month of Summer’s End) lasts from October 31st – November 27th. While Samahin is better known in Pagan traditions as lasting at the end of October, Janites recognise it as lasting a month in itself (also known as Month of Werde). As Autumn turns to Winter and the cold winds set in, we are reminded of the presence of death as the fields are bare and the flowers gone, while animals hibernate in their dens. This is a month for lighting bonfires, setting off fireworks, trick-or-treating and hosting festivities to find joy and wonder at this darkening time.

1st Samhain / October 31st – Tamala (Feast of the Dead)

This is a time for remembering our loved ones who have passed from the life we knew them in and have gone to continue their journey towards the Mother. It is a time to grieve in whatever way one wishes but to also find happiness in their memories and the joy and wisdom they brought us. It can be a time of fear, for both those who have passed beyond and those who are left behind, but we celebrate Tamala as a night-light given to us by Mother Sophia so that Her children need never fear the dark.