Moura (Month of Destiny / Darkness) is both a season and a month in the Janite calender. It also marks the end of the year for Janites, which begins again with Columbina and the return of the Holy Daughter. Moura is a month dedicated to the Great Mother of the Trinity; Barbelo, the Dark Mother Mysteria. The mystery of this season is the Quassare; the shattering of the Holy Daughter to become the soul of the world. The Holy Aeons who rule over this month are Kyria Phoebe, Kyria Theia and Kyria Rhea, who is an emanation of the Dark Mother Herself. The colour for this month is black or violet. The element represented is Spirit. During this month, the Daughter has separated Herself from Her Mother’s light and willingly descended into the darkness of imperfect creation. As She descends, She endures the sufferings of eternity and absorbs the kear that lives in Maidkind into Herself, shattering Her divine soul into each of ours. The Celestial Mother, Sophia, watches and mourns, unable to interfere until Her Daughter’s mission is complete. Thus the Dark Mother takes on the energies of creation Herself and continues to hold up the Mother and Daughter as great and holy beings of Her glory.

Janites often decide to sacrifice a personal pleasure or habit for the month of Moura, while others choose to fast if possible, and meditation and prayer are practised in honour of Our Lady’s sacrifice.

14 Moura/March 4 (March 3 if a leap year): Med-Moura. Feast of Kyria Theia, Kyria Pheobe, and Kyria Rhea

We give thanks today to the Holy Aeon of Joy, the Holy Aeon of Reflection and the Holy Aeon of Patience and Self-restraint. Kyria Theia’s benevolence is needed during this time when the Daughter has descended and we do not fall into despair. Kyria Pheobe brings us spiritual introspection and clarity as we meditate and pray. Kyria Rhea acts as a representative of the Dark Mother and grounds us during this season.

28 Moura/March 19 and March 20/ Hiatus outside of space & not in time: Tenebrae (which means darkness).

The Mystery of Quassare. The Divine Shattering of Sophia Zoe into the world. A day of veiling, fasting and meditation. During this period, images of the Daughter are blacked out, not to say She is gone from the world but to await Her return from the darkness.