Maia (Month of Greatness) lasts from April 18th – May 15th.1

Maia 1st (April 18th) – Mother’s Day

A minor festival celebrating the Celestial Mother and honouring parental or nurturing figures in our lives.

Maia 14th (May 1st) – Coronam: The Coronation of the Holy Daughter

On ‘May Day’, Sophian Déanists celebrate the coronation of Our Lady Zoe as Queen of Heaven. After triumphing over the suffering she was forced to endure in her descent, Her light has been spread to the darkest reaches of existence, and redemption is offered to all living souls. Sophians share the Christian expression of wishing to bring ‘heaven on earth’, which in Gnostic terms is also expressed in the belief that the kingdom of Heaven is within us, rather than in another place. As such, Our Lady’s queendom is that which exists all around us, in this life and those to come, rather than a celestial plane waiting for us after death – though those are also included under Our Lady’s reign.