Hestia (Month of Sacred Hearth) lasts from December 26th – January 22nd). After the birth of the Holy Daughter and the festivities of Nativity, this is a month for family and reorganising our homes for the coming of Spring.

6 Hestia / Dec. 31: Sacra Hestia  

This is the day our hestias (sacred homes) are blessed and consecrated to Déa Madria, Our Divine Mother God.

12 Hestia / Jan. 6th: The Epiphany

This day we celebrate the ‘Showing Forth’ of Our Lady. In scripture, this was when Our Mother emerged from the cave with the Holy Daughter in Her arms to present to the world.

21 Hestia / Jan. 15: Feast of Carmentalia

The Holy Day of Women.