Columbina is the first month of the Janite Calander. Columbina 1st is celebrated as the New Years Day for Janites as well as the day when we welcome back the Holy Daughter after Her descend and sacrifice into the Seven Hells. Columbina also welcomes the Season of Spring. The mystery for this season is the Aurora; the rise of the Holy Daughter as the World Soul. This season is primarily ruled over by Kyria Tethys, whose symbols are the holy Dove (the translation of Columbina is ‘Little Dove’). The sacred colours of this season are pink and green, as well as blue to represent the element of Water.

During Columbina, Sophians celebrate the first major festival and as well as the first Aeon feast of the year.

1st Columbina (March 21st) – Eastre

On this day, many Déanists celebrate the return of the Holy Daughter back from her descent into the seven hells where She sacrificed Herself so that Maidkind might be reunited back with Our Heavenly Mother. Sophians do not believe that Our Lady Zoe physically died, for She is Déa after all, but instead believe that She shattered Her soul throughout the universe so that every lost child might share a spark of Her divinity that links us back to Our Mother. We celebrate this day as the Dawn of Life, as before the Daughter’s sacrifice we were lost in the darkness, in an endless cycle of imperfect existence and suffering. Because of Her, we are able to gain gnosis and to, one day, return to our true home in the Pleroma.

5th Columbina (March 26th) – Feast of Kyria Tethys

On this first of the Seven Aeon Feast Days, we honour Kyria Tethys (Lady Grace); Holy Aeon of Love, Compassion and Beauty. As life springs forth in the new year, we see her reflected in the glorious creation that grows around us from the first flowers and newborn babies to aspiring careers and newfound love.