Ceres (Month of Grain) lasts from July 11 – Aug 7 and is primarily centred around the forthcoming Harvest at the end of Summer.

10 Ceres / July 22nd – The Feast of Kyria Magdalene

Sophians honour the Jewish mystic Priestess, Mary Magdalene, who became an avatar for the Holy Daughter after finding the wisdom of God to conquer the seven demons which took hold of Her before arising as a Light-Bearer in the name of Mother Sophia.

22 Ceres/Aug. 1: Cerealia – The Feast of Grains (aka The Feast of Regeneration)

As we harvest the crops and gather the fruit which has grown throughout the year, we give thanks and offering to our Mother Sophia, as well as remembering the cycle of birth, death and renewal which was found in the Holy Daughter and reflected in all creation. It is also known as the Golden Festival.