Brigid (Month of the Bright One) takes place from Jan. 23rd to Feb 19th. It is technically the last month of Winter as the following month of Moura is viewed as its own Season.

11 Brighid/Feb. 2: Lucidi – Festival of Light

This festival marks the beginning of Winter’s end, as the Holy Daughter decides to take it upon Herself to spread the light of Déa to all places on Earth, including the darkest reaches of creation which have completely turned from Her.

28  Brighid/Feb. 19: Moura Eve

Sometimes called the Déanic ‘Madis Gras’. As Moura is often practised by many Déanists as a month of sacrifice, fasting and spiritual contemplation – Moura Eve is to delight in worldly pleasures with feasts, parties or indulging oneself a final time before giving up a certain favourite unhealthy food or potentially harmful or wasteful activity.