Astrea (Month of the Light Maiden) lasts from November 28th – December 25th (Northern Hemisphere) and marks the beginning of Winter. The Mystery for this season is the Adoria; the Appearance of the Daughter. The Aeon who rules over this season is Kyria Metis, our Lady of Wisdom and Understanding. Her divine knowledge comes as a beacon to us at this dark and cold time when ignorance brings fear and impatience. Her colours are yellow and the element is Air. Astrea is often compared to the Christian ‘Advent’, as it marks the beginning of our wait for the Mother to give birth to the Holy Daughter.

As well as the two Feast Days, the Sun Wheel is also practised, with one of four candles lit on every Sunnadi (Sunday) of the month, creating a holy wreath as a gift for the Holy Mother and Child.

First Sunnadi: Light the Green candle of Wisdom.

Second Sunnadi: Light the Yellow candle of Hope.

Third Sunnadi: Light the Violet candle of Faith.

Fourth Sunnadi: Light the Blue candle of Peace.

Astrea 24th (Madria Nocte): Light the Red candle of Joy.

1st Astrea/Nov. 28: Feast of Kyria Metis

On this day we give thanks to Kyria Metis; Aeon of Wisdom, Intelligence and Understanding.

10th Astrea / Dec. 8th: Feast of Conception

A minor festival to meditate on the Mother conceiving the Holy Daughter within her womb by Her own glory.

24th Astrea/Dec. 21: Madria Nocte (Mother Night)

The Red Candle of the Sun Wheel is lit as the Mother Sophia prepares for the birth of her Daughter, Our Lady Zoe.

28th Astrea/Dec. 25: Adoria (meaning Glory)

The Birth of the Holy Daughter, Zoe, who is the Daughter of Light, Living Wisdom and the Shining Star of our Lives.