Abalon (Month of Apple Land) is the first month of Autumn and lasts from September 5th – October 2nd. The mystery for this season is the Terram; the Great Mother as the Ground and Foundation of all being. Autumn / Fall is ruled over by Kyria Themys. Her symbols are the apple or pomegranate, the latter being a reference to the myth of Persephone returning to the Underworld, mirroring the fate of all souls eventually journeying through death before being renewed into a different life or finding completion with the Mother. The apple reminds us of Our Lady’s teaching of the Apple Seed from our scripture. Colours for this season are blue, purple and lastly green for the element of Earth.


1 Abalon/Sept. 5 – The Feast of Kyria Themys

On this day we give thanks to Kyria Themys, Aeon of Justice and Harmony. We trust in Her that all good deeds are eventually rewarded and no crime goes without rebuking, even if justice is served beyond this life. We thank Her for bringing order to the Universe in all the laws of science as well as morality.

17 Abalon/Sept. 21 – Matralia (Feast of the Divine Feminine Trinity)

This is a day to meditate on all three persons of Déa; Mother, Daughter and Great Mother. Most of the Wheel of the Year focuses around the Mother and Daughter, today is a day to remember that the Great Mother or Absolute Deity is She who exists beyond the two and who came before Them. They are both supreme Aeons who emanated from Her brilliance, just as Six of the Seven Holy Aeons emanate from the Mother and Daughter. The symbolism of Grandmother, Mother and Daughter or Maiden, Mother and Crone is often invoked at this holiday.