Reshuffle and Renew

8th Brighid – Stelladi

This blog is currently under reconstruction.

Long-time followers might notice how many pages have been removed from the menu. This is partly as my current views no longer reflect those I wrote before but also that I’m intended for this blog to be a personal faith journal rather than an attempt to set up my own tradition.

For reasons that I will go into in a later post, I’ve decided to cut of almost all ties I had in my beliefs to Gnostic Christianity that I’ve been trying to blend into Filianism. My primary form of Déa is still Sophia but I’m no longer looking to Gnostic or Christian teachings on Her as much as I used to. Instead I’m labelling myself as a Filianist of the Janite tradition. Due to this I don’t see a reason for having a revised version of the Creed, the Catechism or the Calendar on this site as they mostly align either with the Janite versions or those accepted by Orthodox and Independent Filianists.

I’ve revised my opening / ‘welcome’ page to be an introduction for those new to Filianism and Déanism while I’m also working on a second, personal page to speak more about myself and my own journey from Christian to Wiccan to Gnostic to Filianist.

I’m keeping most of my prayer book list as those are personal edits of prayers I’ve used or original ones I wrote myself. The Journal / Blog will continue as usual, hopefully with more frequent updates.

Thank you for your patience,

Sorella Rose.


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