Mother Night


23rd Astrea – Pomedi

Is it Madria Nocte already?

This advent season has passed all too quickly for me. It seems barely five minutes ago I wrote my previous post at the beginning of Astrea. It seems work really does make time pass quicker as I’ve been working so much overtime on the run up to the holidays. And still some more to go. At least I have Christmas / Adoria Eve and Day off.

Above is a picture to share of my altar as it currently stands. As anyone who has seen my previous posts knows I usually place a vase of flowers as a gift for my Lady on the altar. I switched it up this year after finding a tiny nativity tree that gives it a lovely wintery look. See also that my Aphrodite statue has been joined by a beautiful angel state which I found at a New Age fete that showed up in my town recently. I had to glue her wing back on after she fell off the table and at first contemplated if she might look more like the Daughter with both wings removed…but I couldn’t bear to take away both of them. As they stand now, I’m not sure who is supposed to represent who. Aphrodite, being linked to Agyia Grace, would typically be an image of the Daughter. But the smaller Angel feels more like the Daughter Sophia. Or perhaps she could be a Jana, such as the one who stood outside the Mother’s cave as the children awaited the birth of the Holy Princess.

Either way, they both fill me with a warm presence as I pray before the altar and feel closer to Déa. Tonight I lit all my candles, the closest to the Sun Wheel as I could manage, and thanked Our Mother for never forsaking us or cursing us, but instead always giving us Her grace and blessings, the most important of which is Her gift of the Holy Daughter; Our Lady Zoe Anna. For without Her we would have no way to bridge the chasm of kear and we would be forever lost from Her. Mari Sophia so loves us that it’s Her love which is given form as Our Lady and who becomes Our Saviour.

I will keep the purple candle for the Daughter burning into midnight, as a symbol of the star which shone above the Mother’s cave.

For those reading this; I wish you all a Happy Holidays, however you are celebrating.

May Déa bless and keep you now and all the worlds to come!

Blessed is She.


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