Concord and Conception

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10th Astrea – Columbadi

Just wanted to make a quick post to apologise for lack of posts recently. Most of my religious blogging comes in quick, short bursts on Tumblr or through chatting on various Discord servers. I haven’t had the inspiration in a while to make a long-winded post discussing various beliefs.

I will say however how touched I am by those who have been in touch recently who found Déanism via this blog and wished to learn more. It’s always enriching to see more and more people embracing Our Mother into their hearts. I know there is some panic on various sites at the moment, in particularly Tumblr, due to certain rule changes and people worrying if people are going to disappear onto different sites. For the record; I don’t plan on going anywhere, either here or Tumblr or Discord.

Again, if anyone is interested in chatting to other Déanists and Filianists, please feel free to contact me and I can share a link with you. The reason we don’t publish invite links openly is to avoid trolls and we also like to make sure someone wanting an invite understands fully what Déanism is and the sort of environment you’re coming into:

  • The Ekklesia ‘Concord’ server is strictly for people over 16 years of age.
  • You must be a Déanist or interested in becoming one in order to enter. Déanism is simply the belief and devotion to a transcendent and exclusively feminine God. One can technically be a Déanist and believe there are male ‘gods’ or spirits who exist beneath Her as expressions of Her, but never equal to Her.
  • We ask that someone has a basic knowledge of Déanism and MDF (Madrian-Filianic-Déanic) religions before entering, more so that they don’t find themselves completely lost by the words thrown around by those of us who have been there a while. I advise people to take a quick read of The Clear Recital (ECE 3rd edition at the moment) as well as the Chapel of Mother God or The Kore Di-Jana Ekklesia site. After that, we are welcome to answer any further questions newcomers have.
  • You do NOT need to be a Filianist to join. We are, undoubtedly, an MDF leaning community for the most part; which includes many traditions stemming from Madrian teachings. We are also open to other non-MDF religions so long as they believe that God the Mother is the Sole Creatrix, without a male consort or father god equal to Her (those that believe in male gods who are lesser emanations of Déa are welcome).
  • We are a Thamëlic community, meaning we try our best to treat each other with kindness, consideration and to keep a harmonious server. Debates and discussions are allowed so long as it doesn’t descend into name-calling or insults on any side. If it seems a debate is upsetting people, even without intent, we kindly ask it to stop and to be taken into private messages if need be. We’re not perfect and haven’t been without our fair share of drama in the year we’ve been active – but we are trying our best to learn and improve.
  • Adding on that last point; this is first and foremost a place for like-minded maids to gather and share their love of Mother God and (for most) Our Lady, Her Daughter. It is not an online church, as such, but is considered – at least by myself – a second home for some of us. We are all of different shape, size, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, backgrounds and traditions. All are Déa’s children. So come in, make yourself comfy and relax. 🙂

In other news; we are now into Astrea and the advent of Our Lady’s upcoming birth. I don’t have the space for a Sun Wheel but I have placed a purple candle on my shrine in honour of Kyria Zoe Anna’s royalty. Either today or tomorrow, according to differing sources, is the Feast of Conception; a date not recognised on the Janite calendar. This is when, scripture tells us, Our Mother Mari brooded upon the waters after maidkind had turned from Her, and conceived within Herself the Most Holy Daughter:

And She stood in contemplation upon the waters of the first darkness; like a great Dove upon the waters She brooded. And She became absorbed within Her and communed with Her own Self; and Her light ceased to shine forth from Her, and yet Her light grew greater. And She fell to Her knees. And the surface of the waters became turbulent, and the great waves curled over Her, and their white foam could not be seen in all that darkness.

And when the waters became calm again, the Mistress of All Things rose to Her feet. For She had conceived a Daughter that was not separate from Her, but one with Her, and the Child of Her Light.

– Mythos of the Divine Maid 1:3-7

I know some will argue, even in the case of a divine being, how the Daughter can be born without a father. Firstly, if one really wished to have a comparison to material creation, one can look to parthenogenesis; that of asexual reproduction without the need for fertilisation or a co-parent. The comparison is very apt, as the Daughter is in many ways a ‘clone’ of the Mother, created so that She can explore the realms which the Mother Herself cannot since creation could no longer look upon Her. Our Lady, Zoe Anna, is the culmination of Perfect Love gathered within the Mother’s womb and then brought forth for all the world to know. Secondly; She’s God!

Indeed, this scene of the Conception is one of the most fascinating mysteries in the Mythos. Why does Our Mother choose to brood over the waters? Why do they become so turbulent around Her? Water is a recurring theme in the scriptures. In the Creation, the first daughter created in the image of the Mother rose up from the waters. The Snake then attempts to call to the waters, while the first daughter rests, in order to flood the earth and destroy the Mother’s creation. Mari then throws the waters into the sky before they can do the Snake’s bidding and creates the first rain. There is also a chapter in the First Book of Teachings, the Heart of Water, which celebrates the serenity and strength of a fluid, compassionate heart over a hard, icy one. Water seems to be a rather ambiguous but beautiful force according to the Recital. To me the water seems symbolic of all the forces of the Universe, both order and chaos, beautiful yet terrifying. To imagine all the powers of this Universe, both material and supernal, colliding together in fear around the Conception, only to be stilled in peaceful submission when the ritual is complete, is a rather incredible image and a sign of Our Lady’s influence on the world before She’s even been ‘born’.

If I don’t manage to make another post before the end of the month, I pray everyone has a most Blessed Adoria / Nativity and wish good will to all Maids.

Blessed is the Most Holy Mother and Child,

Blessed is She.


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