The Sophian Gospel of Mary Magdalene

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13th of Ceres – Sunnadi

The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene is held today, on July 22nd of the Gregorian Calendar. As I’ve mentioned before, the Magdalene is my patron Hera (Saint) and my favourite avatar of the Holy Daughter. It was She who lead me to the Divine Sophia in Gnostic Christianity which would eventually lead me to embracing Déa as a Sophian Filianist. The Magdalene has always been this hidden flame of the Church, burning bright and passionate, but kept secret or guarded. There are more legends, myths and theories surrounding who she was and what she meant to the birth of Christianity than probably any other disciple. While I no longer look to the Bible or Christian doctrine, I still deeply honour and respect Yeshua the Rabbi and his Apostle to the Apostles; the Magdalene.

One of the many modern day Gnostic Christian groups, the Ecclesia Pistis Sophia, also call themselves the Tradition of the Holy Bride. They honour Mary Magdalene as Yeshua’s wife but also his co-preacher and co-redeemer. She represents Christ-the-Sophia while he represents Christ-the-Logos, the two complementary masculine and feminine aspects of divinity. This group claims to carry knowledge of an oral tradition dating back thousands of years which records this secret life of the Magdalene which became lost to the exoteric church for one reason or another. In recent years, their current leader decided to publish this secret ‘gospel’ of Mary Magdalene which can be purchased in full (not to be confused with the ‘Gospel of Mary’ discovered in Nag Hammadi). I have my own thoughts on the book as whole, including a few criticisms and scepticism, but I won’t share those here as I wish to highlight that which I feel is positively linked to Sophian Filianism. In honour of her feast day, I decided to share some verses from this text which I feel speak on a Filianic level.

The ‘sayings’ of Mary Magdalene, supposedly recorded by her chief disciple Salome, can also be read in full on the groups website here.

1. These are sayings, spoken by Salome the Maiden in the name of St. Mary Magdalene, which women of wisdom have held in trust. Mary said, “If you know the Woman of Light, you will know your Mother and be reborn of the Mother Spirit as a child of light. Because the light is bornless, you will have eternal life.”

In Filianism, Our Celestial Mother represents Light, while the Dark Mother – the Absolute Mysteria – represents Life.

6. Mary said, “What is cast down shall be lifted up, and what is lifted up shall be thrown down; what is on high must be brought down upon the earth, and the earth must be lifted on high.”

I instantly saw a parallel with a verse from the Temple of the Heart: “To be raised up is to be cast down, but to be cast down is to be raised up. For I was cast down into the very depths; and even as the tears of My Mother’s sorrow raised Me up from death, so shall the tears of My suffering deliver you.” 

26. A woman said to Mary, “You are the holiness of womanhood we have been waiting to see.” Mary said to her, “What have you been doing while you were waiting? If you see this in me, then it is in you. All the while it has been with you! What were you waiting for?”

The Recital tells us that Our Lady is every priestess and every mother, each princess and each lady of the Earth. Nothing holy can be achieved of Maids alone, but if we find the spark of the Holy Daughter within us, then we can be Messengers of Her Light.

27. A young lady said to Mary, “When will the world be transformed?” Mary said, “It will not be transformed, but it is sacred to the Mother already. When you are transformed the world will be transformed, for you are the world and the world is you. The world is changing all of the time, and yet it is unchanged. The Mother is changing continually, yet she is ever the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Become as the Mother and you will see the Great Transformation, yet nothing will have changed.”

Again, compare to the Secret of the World, when we are told to change what is within us and that will change the world. It also speaks of how Déa is constantly changing and moving. Yet, as the Dark Mother, She is the still and steady centre of Heaven.

37. Mary said, “The Divine Mother is light and she is darkness, she is the saint and she is the sinner, angels and demons are images in her, as are the gods and all of the archons; yet she is beyond all of these. Know her in all things and you will be free of bondage, even as the Anointed is free.”

Déa is the eternal matrix of all things. Our Mother created all things good and, through Her Daughter, She conquered that too which is dark and lost in khear. No place is beyond Her reign and no one is ever truly without Her.

41. Mary said, “I was with the Risen Savior, and beheld the Mother. In the first heaven, she was the Radiant Earth of Paradise. In the second heaven, she was the Starry Night Sky. In the third heaven, she was a Great Fire. In the fourth heaven, she was the Great Angel and Celestial Temple, and the Holy Sacrifice. When I beheld her in the fifth heaven, she was the Glory of the Anointed abiding there, and in the sixth heaven, she was Fire and Ice and the End-Of-Days. In the seventh heaven, she was the Great Luminous Assembly, and the Holy Throne, and image of the One-Who-Sits-Upon-The-Throne; but in the Supernal Abode I cannot say what she was like. One must look and see for oneself.”

This verse is one of my favourites, as it conjures images of the Seven Janati. The final station also speaks of the Dark Mother who has no image and cannot be described. The Magdalene ascending through the Heavens closer and closer to Déa parallels the ascent of the Holy Daughter after Her sacrifice.

56. Mary said, “Until you know the darkness of Sophia, you will not acquire her light. Unless you die and are reborn of the Mother Spirit, the knowledge of the resurrection will elude you.”

“For every human soul began in Good, yet she is riven through with khear. Except she die and be reborn in Spirit, her fairest rose shall have a canker, her sweetest wine shall turn to vinegar.” – The Light, v. 20-21. I feel this one is just uncanny.

64. Mary said, “If you desire something, ask the Mother, for she gives to her children all that they desire.”

Both Filianists and Gnostics will appreciate the hidden meaning of this verse. It does not mean that we can ask for material possessions which we desire, but what we desire in terms of the gifts of the Spirit, which is Our Mother. She always provides for Her children in what we truly need.

66. Mary said, “Do not mistake the rites performed outwardly for the true sacred rite, for unless the sacred rites transpire inwardly, the outward rites are only husks of darkness.”

Our Lady tells us in the the book of The Light that we are not to judge the actions of other Maids, as we can only see the outward part which does not always reflect the inward meaning, which is what matters most.

84. Mary said, “Did God give birth to creation without a womb? No, indeed! For creation is in God’s womb, and until it is complete it shall not emerge.”

No comment needed.

92. Mary said, “Weave for yourselves garments of light, so that when you go before the Queen of Heaven to be received you do not appear naked. With faith and the fullness of knowledge, do good works and love one another, and in the Spirit of [God] you will have garments of light.”

This closely matches the message contained within the Recital which tells us many times to do the same; to do good and love one another, to have faith and knowledge of Déa, so that we may overcome khear and approach Our Mother again. Also compare; “Speak words of love and innocence, of mildness and of hope, and you shall weave a raiment of peace about your soul, and a veil of gentle light.” – Thoughts of the Mind, v. 22.

111. Mary said, “There is wisdom and there is wisdom, and the wisdom of the world is not the Wisdom of God. Seek, therefore, the truth of wisdom, that knowing the Wisdom of God all wisdom might be redeemed in you.”

Our Lady tells us to not be wise in the wisdom of the world, but in the wisdom of Déa (Sophia). “The wisdom of the world is good for the world, but what when the world shall pass away?” – Thoughts of the Mind. v. 31.

116. Mary said, “God the Father entered in through the image of the Son, but the world was overwhelmed by the great supernal glory. Therefore, the Son imparted the Mother Spirit and God the Mother has entered in through the image of the Daughter to nurture the little ones until they grow wise. The light entered but was too bright, and so now the fire comes to purify so that all might be sanctified to receive the True Light. Everything shall be accomplished in due season, and it is the Mother Spirit that will accomplish everything.”

While Filianism does not acknowledge God the Father or Son (although ‘His’ potential existence as part of Déa is often discussed), this speaks to me of how the appearance of God as primarily masculine has failed much of the world, in particular those of us who seek the Mother and Daughter. If there is a Divine Son, which Yeshua may or may not have been an avatar of, then I can see him helping to invoke the Mother Spirit into the world to heal and encouraging the Daughter to arise so that we may be saved. The Recital also speaks of a time of fire, in the Words of Aletheia, which is a warning of the End-of-Days but also as a prophecy on the world being transformed and the fire being a ‘cleanse’ which will purify the world to be born anew, with us being kept protected by Our Mother throughout.

169. Mary said, “If you have all knowledge, but lack love, then you lack knowledge altogether.”

Our Lady tells us in the Crystal Tablet and other books that Love is the key to our salvation; Love of Self, Love of Maids and Love of Déa.

194. Mary said, “In the day of the coming of the Anointed many shall look and see, and among them many will be unwilling to enter the Light, for they shall not recognize the Light in the Daughter sent among them.”

“And that the world laugh at you, count it an honour; that they scorn you, count it a blessing. For yours is the higher wisdom, and in the inmost centre of their hearts, the
profane also know it to be true. Within their laughter lies fear of chastity; within their scorn of meekness and indifference to possessions lies a true terror. For those who
shelter in the darkness fear before all things the messengers of light.” – The Way of Simplicity. v. 39-42. As servants of the Holy Daughter, we pledge to carry Her light into all places of the world, and often we are mocked or scalded for it. Our Lady has promised that all souls will eventually be redeemed and saved; we are not to be disheartened by a soul who seems unwilling to recognise Her at this present time. Eventually all will turn back to the Mother again.

That is all I have to share today, the verses which stir the most connections I can see between this tradition’s secret gospel and the Filianic Scriptures. There may be more which I haven’t touched upon, while others felt more rooted in Judaism or Christianity. As a perennialist; to me these verses I have shared represent how Our Lady has shown Herself in yet another religion as She has done for centuries in different parts of the world. Magdalene is my favourite reflection of Zoe Sophia, the Holy Daughter, as when I picture Her I see the two as One. My Kyria.

Blessed is Our Saviouress and Her Light Bearers,

Blessed is She.


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