Glory to the Supernal Rose

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9th of Rosa – Pomedi

Happy Rosalia / Rosa Mundi / High Feast of Roses to all my Filianic sisters!

I had hoped to ready my altar with proper roses for this holiday but we had no deliveries to my shop and I haven’t found time to buy them elsewhere. So I’ve had to make do with carnations, which are pretty and a few of the pink ones are ‘rose like’, though not quite having the same effect. I know that Déa appreciates the effort, as it was She who made them to begin with. I’ve also been too busy today to do the little fire ritual I had planned. My duties as an auntie have to come before my religious practice; something which I also believe Déa approves of, as my dedication and care to my niece reflects Her gentle nurturing of all Her children.

At the very least I have been able to do a few prayers and listened to five books of the Daughter’s teachings (Pillar of Light to the Crystal Tablet in the ECE). For anyone who is interested in downloading the audio version of the Recital, recorded by myself and Sorella Monica, please send me an email via my contact page. I feel the small chapter on Our Mother’s Love is the most befitting on this festival.

“Take heart, My children, take joy and courage in our Mother. For She who created you also loves you, even to the end of the age. Take heart, though you have turned from Her, for She has not forsaken you, neither are Her eyes filled with anger. And Her hands that have shattered the gates of hell shall not harm you; that have broken hell’s foundation shall be lain on you in gentleness. Therefore hide yourself not from Her, and put aside the tangled weeds of thought that strive each with the other. For of all things, love is the simplest.” – On Our Mother’s Love

Any day is a good day to be reminded, when the shadows of this world try to harden our hearts, just how much Mari loves us. This passage always gives me the image of Her as a mother lioness who would rip apart anyone who threatened her cub and also protect and nurture her young so tenderly. We often see the Celestial Mother depicted in images of the Virgin Mary, pure and kind and gentle, as truly She is. But She is also fierce and passionate, even somewhat terrifying, in what She will do to save us. From crushing the ‘snake’ that tempted the first daughter and brought about the chasm of kear, to separating Herself in the form of Her Daughter in order to be closer to us, then shattering the gates of Hell and making the demons within scatter as She went forth to rescue Her beloved Zoe Anna; and in doing so, rescuing all Her children.

Fire is the element of Agyia Vicka, Jana of Courage and Valour. Today we light candles and bonfires to celebrate the fierce determination of Our Mother, who is not just our creator and nourisher, but also our protector from the creatures of darkness. It is Her Light that makes the keres and archons scutter away in terror before they, too, seek the redemption of Heaven and the forgiveness of Déa.

“For those who shelter in the darkness fear, above all things, the Messengers of Light.”Way of Simplicity v.42 

Meanwhile the Rose is the symbol of both the Mother and the Daughter. Our Lady Zoe is truly the Rose of the World (Rosa Mundi) while Mother Mari is the Rose of Heaven (Rosa Caeli). The innermost temple in the heart of Maids is also described in the scriptures as taking the form of a rose. It is no mystery why so many of the Disney fairytales I watched, both with my niece and growing up myself, have reoccurring images of roses. Both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are described as having ‘lips as red as the rose’, the latter also being renamed ‘Briar Rose’ while in exile. The salvation of the Prince in Beauty and the Beast is also connected to magical rose. The image of our Heavenly Princess has radiated throughout history in fairy tales of maidens and princesses overcoming evil with their pure, loving hearts as well as their bravery.

My matron Hera, Agyia Magdalene, is also heavily connected to rose imagery. She is often depicted either with red hair or a red cloak or holding her legendary red egg. There is a connection drawn in the, albeit most definitely fictional, Da Vinci Code between Magdalene’s legacy and the ‘Rose Line’ / ‘Rosslyn’. This inspired me to take my faith name as Roselyn. All of Magdalene’s legends, both orthodox and esoteric combined, give an image of Her as both the Holy Daughter and also a Holy Mother Herself, bearing a daughter ‘Sarah’ (meaning Princess) according to some. Whether or not these are historically accurate holds little bearing for me, the legends and tales themselves are more examples of the Heavenly Mother and Holy Daughter’s cyclical mythos. Magdalene was a holy woman who, according to Sophian Gnostics, experienced the sufferings of the world before ascending up from the darkness into the Her liberation. It also believed by some that She became the daughter the Virgin Mary never had, whether through marriage  to her son or simply a close meeting of kindred spirits. Together they form an interesting avatar of the Mother and Daughter.

Be sure to take a moment today to meditate on the verse of Our Mother’s Love and be assured of Her devotion to you. In Her eyes, we are all princesses (or prince, if you fancy) of Heaven; our true home. Rosalia is about remembering that our Assumption into Her arms is guaranteed and without condition – it just may take longer to cross that bride of kear depending on our path. No matter what; She loves us.

She loves you.

Blessed is Mum.



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