Here Cometh The Lady

See Her riding on the stardust,
Hear the Angels proclaim Her arrival,
The Daughter of Light,
The Lady of the Fiery Rose,
Our Saviour and Redeemer,
She has come.
Cross the great chasm of illusion,
Through the dense fog of folly,
Her flame becons us home.
O Princess Divine,
O Mistress of the Dawn,
She whose love has flooded Hell itself,
She who has turned none from Her grace.
For centuries they have denied Her,
For aeons She has been degraded and forgotten,
And yet where is Her anger?
Where is Her wrath?
All She has for Her nay-sayers,
Is a hand stretched out in compassion,
And an invitation for redemption.
Most humble is the Heavenly Maid,
Blessed is the Child of Sophia,
Blessed is Our Kyria;
Zoe Anna.



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