Visions of Avala

22nd of Flora – Stelladi

Today I took a rather longer than usual walk with my dogs, seeing as the weather was so beautiful. I’m fortunate enough to have some lovely open Essex fields and woods around where I live. I could lose myself for hours just walking across them and sometimes not come across another human soul (unless its another dog walker or jogger). Honestly I do more praying when I’m out walking than I do at home, as it’s actually easier to be by myself when I’m out on a walk. My dogs are much less judgemental about my spiritual practice than humans are.

This morning I took a detour through a small wood and came across this little seating area where a tree had fallen, making a surprisingly comfortable bench. I sat there for a while in quiet meditation, listening to the bird song, reciting a couple of Psalms.

After leaving the woods, I came to another field that had a rather large hill. I always have this strange compulsion, in both video games and in real life, to go to the top of any hill or mountain where I can appreciate the view. There were quite a few nettles and prickly leaves surrounding the hill but I endured the slight stings to get to the top and, again, just sit and take in how gorgeous this world is.

While I sat there, I did attempt to record more audio versions of Déanic scriptures, these ones being a collection of Psalms compiled by Glenn King. This is to go with audio versions I have recorded of the Clear Recital and the Janite Psalms, both of which are complete (though may be re-recorded for improvement at a later date). Anyone wishing to have a free copy of these, please do let me know. However as I tried to read aloud Glenn’s psalms, my labradoodle decided to start playing hide and seek, and I didn’t think it would be very pleasant if my reading of scriptures was combined with me shouting for my wayward pup. So I hope to do those at a later date. The audio formats are not for anything official or to be sold; I just personally enjoy listening to scripture as much as reading it. Even as a child I preferred audio books, while still appreciating the written word (this may be due to my many sight problems growing up).

Listening to the scriptures while gazing out at our sister, the Earth, always fills me with such a glowing warmth. I feel like I’m gazing out a glimpse of Avala, or to the Perfect World which existed before the ‘fall’, and the illusion of matter.

Yet the true self also loves this earth; but loves it for that it is an image of the Divine. For the world is as a crazed and spotted mirror, reflecting the perfect country of Eternity. – The Three Loves (v. 5-6)

It is easy to see a flower, or the clear sky, or a smiling child as an image of Déa. One of my daily struggles is to also remember to see Her in what is not always so obvious. Or hidden by the kear of my own soul. For instance, seeing Her in the face of a customer at work who is rude or frustrating. Or seeing Her in a politician who is poisoning the world. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that, even in the most vile and hateful of people, there is a spark of Sophia within them, crying out to be freed. And She loves all Her children equally; it is merely our own kear that defines the distance between souls and Déa. Even myself I sometimes have to remind, when I have moments of depression or self-loathing, I try to remember that I am a reflection of Her. And even so, the scriptures remind us, that we are not our bodies or our minds, as both part from us eventually.


Blessed is Our Lady,

Blessed is She.



3 thoughts on “Visions of Avala

  1. Glenn King says:

    Roselyn, I appreciate your interest in the psalms which I have edited. I hope that you find them as meaningful as do I. They play probably the most prominent role in my daily worship.

    I am interested. You state that you are attempting to create an audio recording of Janite hymns, psalms and other aspects of Deanic devotional literature.
    Have you completed any actual recordings? I would certainly like to listen to some of them if you would be willing to share.

    Note. I relate to your clear interest in Zoe as the daughter and to your interest in the literature of the Gnostics. While I really can not accept the Gnostic belief that matter is merely the creation of a ignorant demiurge, my appreciation of the insights and creativity of the Gnostic literature continues to increase. I particularly like the various stories of liberation and rescue in which extremely important Eons such as Barbelo, Zoe, and Norea rescue often by subterfuge the souls of Adam and humankind in general from the rule of the Archon and their imprisonments. In particular I find the various descent of Zoe / Protennoia into the imprisoned places to liberate humans as being similar in certain ways to the Descent of the Daughter mythos. Anyway enough for now.



    • Glenn, good to hear from you, and yes I greatly enjoy your psalms!

      I can’t seem to find a way to DM people on wordpress or else I would send you a link to the audio recordings I’ve compiled so far? I’m not sure yet about posting the link just straight on my site, but if you have a contact page or email I can share it there. The Clear Recital (Filianic Scriptures) has been partly recorded by a sister Monica and the rest, as well as the Janite psalms, by myself. Again, this wasn’t really to be anything professional, I just like listening to scripture on my walks. I might re-record some parts again in the future if I take up Race’s offer to make a more authentic audio book format.

      I can understand not believing matter is a creation of the demiurge, I don’t quite accept that either (as I don’t accept many Gnosticy beliefs). I do think matter has something to do with acting as a veil between us and Dea (a whole chapter in the Recital talks about this) but it’s not necessarily something ‘evil’. Everything we see in the cosmos is still a reflection of Dea. And yes I’ve drawn many parallels to the descent of Zoe to the descent of the Daughter. I believe the parallels between these myths of a desending goddess – whether the Gnostic Sophia, Inanna or Persephone, are all glimpses of Our Lady’s sacrifice in bits and pieces.

      Have a blessed day,


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