Filianism: More than just ‘a feminist religion’.

Filianism is seeing every living soul as your sister; regardless of their outward bodily form.

Filianism is appreciating the beauty and simple wisdom of child-like innocence, as much as the sage advice of our elders.

Filianism is not being caught up in turbulent discourse that causes strife and distracts from the truth of Love.

Filianism is not offering meat or blood as sacrifice because Our Mother takes no delight in the hurt of her creatures.

Filianism is walking carefully on the earth and respecting her environment.

Filianism is caring for animals, as human Maids / axial beings have been set to watch over them.

Filianism is meditating on the Mythos, on how we are born from Mother’s laughter and saved by the Daughter’s love.

Filianism is believing that all will someday be saved by Our Lady, even to the last blade of grass.

Filianism is celebrating Our Lady in the cycles of nature and the wheel of the year.

Filianism is seeking and finding unconditional love, forgiveness and comfort in the arms of Déa – no matter who you are or what you repent for.

Filianism is studying the Teachings and learning how to bridge the chasm of kear.

Filianism is not being critical of how another person treads their spiritual (or atheist) path, as only She is judge.

Filianism can be quiet and contemplative but is not monastic; it it just as much action and example in the world Our Mother has made for us.

Filianism is acknowledging we all have kear within us, and no Maid is perfect except for the Holy Daughter – but Our Mother loves us and wants us to try our best.

Filianism is prayer, as often as we can, whether at daily times or in the rhythm of your steps or a song of praise – or just to blow Déa a kiss goodnight after a busy day.

Filianism is trying to balance to seven streams of virtue in all your actions:

Filianism is charity, its sharing joy and laughter.

Filianism is being modest, not for another but for yourself and Déa.

Filianism is being courageous, not aggressive.

Filianism is keeping your mind open to new knowledge.

Filianism is being fair and just, it is helping to create a Thamelic (harmonious) space for all Maids.

Filianism is showing kindness and compassion to all.

Filianism is restraining yourself when necessary and finding inner peace.

Filianism is Love; Love of other maids, Love of yourself, and Love of Déa.

[Note: the above are some examples of what Filianism means to me outside of just being about believing God is feminine, which is what is always held up as if it is the be all and end all of our religion. Yes, it is an important point, as you cannot be a Filianist without believing Déa is feminine; Mother, Daughter and Dark Mother. But I feel it’s also important to remember that you cannot be a Filianist and believe that point alone, ignoring everything else our faith teaches. Just as one should not call themselves a Muslim if they do not uphold the five pillars of Islam, or call themselves a Christian if their faith is believing in Christ’s existence alone but not following his teachings.

Obviously I would not tell anyone if they are being a ‘good Filianist’ or not, as it is not my place to judge. And by no means do I always remember to do the above things in life – but I try as best as I can, and respect my sisters who do the same.]


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