Five Daily Prayers

Image: ‘An Egyptian Woman praying Her devotions’ by Amédée Forestier

6th of Flora – Lunadi

Ever since purchasing Brythwen Sinclair’s “Rose Petals: A Filianic Pslater.” I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing at most five small prayers a day, or three at the minimum. The idea of having set times each day for prayer has always been intriguing to me and something I admire in religions such as Islam. I know many hear the idea of praying five times a day to be something difficult, especially if your schedule is rather packed, but even after a busy week of nearly 40 hours of work I’ve not done too bad.

One personal touch I have added to how I do my prayers is corresponding the five points of day to a member of the Trinity. This came about as I was struggling to decide which version of the Ave (Hail Sophia) to use. As is noted on the Janite page about Noontide prayer, many of us are too busy during the middle of the day to make time for a full rite of prayer, and so a simple version of the Ave done in a brief moment of contemplation will suffice.

So I’ve decided to set my Morning Prayers, Dawn/Waking Up and Mid-Morning, to correspond with the Daughter. Because She is the Aurora and the Rising Sun that symbolises Déa triumph over the darkness. Thus I say a prayer to Her as such:

Hail Zoe,
Filled with Love,
Blessed art thou
And Blessed is your Heavenly Mother.
Holy Zoe,
Daughter of Light,
Deliver us now and in the hour of our death,
Blessed are you.

Noon prayer (Midday) and Later Afternoon (2-4pm) correspond with the Mother, who is Our Bright Solar Creator, and who is High Queen of all the realms.

Hail Mari,
Fount of Light,
Blessed art thou,
And Blessed is your Holy Daughter.
Holy Mari,
Mother God,
Be with us in this world and all the worlds to come,
Blessed are you.

And the final prayer, which is said at dusk or on retiring to bed, is directed to the Dark Mother; She Who Is. It may seem unfair that She is only corresponded one time of the day when Her counterparts get two, but in truth all prayers are directed to Her, for She is the Source of both the Bright Mother and Holy Daughter. When we rest to seek stillness and restoration, it is Her arms we are relaxing into, though dreams or nightmares will often keep our mind from truly settling with Her silence.

The following prayer is adapted from the Janite prayer to Déa Mysteria. As with the previous prayers, a full rosary or Auroram can be recited if the devotee has time. If not then a simple prayer is just as appreciated.

Hail Barbelo,
Fountainhead of Grace, glory be to Thee.

Blessed art Thou, O,  Empress of Heaven,
And blessed is the beloved Mother and Daughter. 

Déa Sophia,
Great Mother God,
Bess us, Thy children,
Now and unto the ages of ages.
Blessed are You.

A rare occurrence when another prayer to the Dark Mother might be used could be waking before dawn after a nightmare and seeking Her comfort.

Of course one can pray to any aspect of the Trinity or to an individual Janae at any time of the day, they are not restricted by time. All faces of Déa are open and available to us when we need Her. As mentioned at the start of this page, I would greatly recommend reading Ms. Sinclair’s Psalter for a great many examples of prayers to say to Déa when our own words fail what we intend to say to Her. All of her books can be purchased via her blog here.

Blessed are Maids who shine in the light of Déa.

Blessed is She.


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