Heroes Day

2nd of Flora – Pomedi

May Madria Thema grant true justice this day; to reward those who have acted kindly, and reprimand those who have acted in athame.

Yesterday in the Filianic calendar was the first of the month of Hera, also called Hera’s Day or Heroes Day. This an example of a difference between the Filianic Calendar and the Janite Calendar as, for us, this is the month of Flora (Flowers). However, for myself, I still chose to observe this particular day as a celebration for the heroes of this world who have stood against the forces of evil. Hera, in Madrian language, does not refer to the Greek goddess who was the wife of Zeus. A Hera is a maid who is seen as an enlightened or liberating figure to Déanists. An avatar of one of, or many, virtues of the Janati. They are the equivalent of Saints, as we believe they have achieved a higher plane of existence due to their extraordinarily holy life on the earth.

In Sophian Déanism, we refer to these people as Agias, the Greek word for Saint (which can also be a title to refer to the Janati themselves). Personally I honour my patron Agia, Lady Magdalene, on her orthodox feast day in mid July. However this can be a day to honour any Saint who has inspired us, if not just to Saints in general who have been examples of Déa’s grace upon the world. I don’t believe that every Agia becomes a legend in a story or a mythical semi-divine character. Some may be righteous but humble people we have known in life and we remember for being genuinely kind and loving and courageous, yet unknown to the world outside our local area.

Take time to pray in gratitude to them and also to hope that you, too, may someday become a holy Agia, in this life or the next. To be an example of Her Holiness for others and to be reunited with the hosts of Heaven in Our Mother’s arms.


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