#Recital Study: The Child

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26th of Maia – Sunnadi

A little child ran into the arms of the Daughter of Light, and her mother put forth her arm to restrain her. But Zoe Sophia* lifted up the child in Her arms, and about the child’s head there shone a radiant light. 

“See,” exclaimed Zoe, “the radiant soul of your child shines forth upon the world because she is in My arms, yet you would have held her from Me. If your child is hungry, do you not give her good nourishment? Why, then, do you starve her soul and give her not the food of the Spirit? Do you not warm her body with blankets and a blazing fire? Why, then, do you leave her soul in the cold and darkness? Is not this child entrusted to your care by heaven? Shall you not give her the food of My truth and the light of My love?” – The Child (v. 1-7)

At first I was curious why the mother in The Child chapter tried to withhold her daughter from running to the Lady. Did she think her daughter was not worthy? Did she think Zoe would scold the child for approaching her divinity?

Only today did I come to the conclusion that it may be neither. After all, the story is supposed to be a parable. The mother in the story is clearly loving and wanting what is best for her baby, as she freely gives her little girl to the Holy Daughter afterwards to be blessed. I think the reason the mother tries to hold her child back is akin to so many mothers who have warned their children against following alternative paths outside the status quo, not to be cruel, but in order to protect them. Mothers who were once little girls who wanted to be different than what society expected of them only to be beaten and put down when they tried to live outside expectations. They assume the same thing will be for their daughters and so they teach them its best to keep their head down and do as they’re told. Bad advice but done for reasons of love.

When I was a child I yearned for the Divine Feminine I met in my dreams but wasn’t available in the religion around me. My family was secular but still told me it was best not to ‘be weird’ about wanting to worship a Mother or Daughter God, as I was just setting myself up to be bullied. It hurt at the time, however I do understand their point of view. I cannot help but wonder how different my life would have been if I had been told from day one that, yes, I am free to run to the arms of my Lady, if not encouraged. I may have been bullied but I was already being bullied. I may have been mocked but I have always been mocked for one thing or another. At least I would have had those things but also have been free to rejoice in my Lady and take comfort in Her, instead of feeling lost and isolated.

Therefore here, the Holy Daughter is telling the mother to let her child come to Her, let her be blessed. She is telling her that her baby is safe with Her and being free to love the Lady, her soul can shine brightly as it should rather than be repressed to worship a masculine god that she has no connection towards. Not to say that there cannot be close relationships between humans and their Father Gods, but for some like Déanists they are called to the path of the Mother. She always has Her arms open to us. We should never discourage another to embrace Her.

Blessed is She.

*I have edited my traditions name of the Daughter into the scripture. In the ECE, She is referred to as Inanna. In the NCUV, She is called Kore.


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