Eve, Norea, Magdalene

I am the Mother of the Living,

I am the bearer of forbidden fruit,

I am the one they call fallen,

I am the one She calls blessed.

I am the herald of truth,

I am the the teacher who they called temptress.

I am the Hidden Princess,

I am the Call of Her Sacred Name.

I am their desire and their fear,

I am protected by Her loving light.

I am raised up on wings of angels,

I am the battle versus ignorance.

I am the Priestess of Sophia,

I am the Tower and the Holy Grail,

I am the most beloved of my teacher,

I am the most demeaned by his followers.

I am the Anointer and the Witness,

I am the conqueror of Seven Demons.

I am still here. I have never left you.

I am the voice guiding you since birth,

I am the child who dreams of changing the world,

I am the humble maid giving aid to those who need it.

I am the old one guiding generations to come.

I am the Jewel of Mother God,

I am Her Most Beloved Daughter.

I am Life.

I am Zoe.


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