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[‘Mother Mary bestowing blessings’ by Tade Styka]

1st of Maia – Stelladi

Today in the Janite Calendar is the first of the month of Maia and the Feast of MariMaia.

It is a minor festival that gives praise and honour to the Creatrix aspect of Déa often called the Celestial Mother. In Sophian Déanism, She is most known as Maria Sophia – the Higher form or Mother aspect of Sophia. Maria is the avatar She has taken in many of Her apparitions as Mary, mother of Yeshua, to many throughout the centuries. May has often been held as a sacred month dedicated to Her, and before Christianity became widespread, goddesses of Springtime and Motherhood were also revered. This time of renewed life and nature gives us a wonderful feeling of connection to Her, as She continues to create, to ‘birth’.

We often acknowledge the Mother more in the latter half of the year, particularly in the run up to Astrea and the Nativity. This season is often more focused on the Holy Daughter and Her ascension, with Her coronation as Queen of Heaven to be celebrated on the 14th of Maia, or ‘May Day’. However we are still to remember and give praise to the Heavenly Mother who is the assumption of the Holy Daughter and, as She is the World Soul, the assumption of us all. Being a mother does not stop after giving birth or when a child has reached maturity. Our Heavenly Mother continues to work with Our Saviouress to not only generate new life but to aid the uplifting of all souls continuing to learn and grow amidst creation.

ArchMadria Candra Sophia has written up great suggestions for Marian related devotions and practices fitting for today: MariMaia

All praise be to She who shattered the gates of Hell to rescue Her Beloved Daughter!

All praise to the Weaver of Life and Sculpture of the Multiverse!

All praise to She whose Love knows no boundary!

Blessed is Our Mother; Maria Sophia. Déa Madria. Mother God.

Blessed is She.


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