Day of Kyria Theia

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– Sun Goddess by Kyoko Yamaji

26th of Columbina

Sunnadi (Sunday) is the day of the week corresponding to Kyria Theia, also known as Sai Raya or Lady Brilliance.

Kyria Theia is Our Lady of the Sun. She is the Jana of Joy, Laughter and Benevolence. Along with Kyria Phoebe and Kyria Rhea, she is one of the Three Fold Guardians of Heaven. Each Three Fold Guardian corresponds as a splendid reflection of the Trinity. Kyria Theia is the reflection of our Celestial Mother; Déa Madria, who is known in Sophian Déanism as Maria Sophia.

The Sun is often revered, particularly in Neopaganism, as representation of the divine male. The dying and rising Son/Sun of his Mother/consort Goddess. Many point to the harshness of heat and the strength of pure light as masculine energies. For Sophian Déanists, we do not view the Sun this way. The Sun for us is sheer beauty and illumination. It is that which nourishes our skin and the earth around us in harmony with the water and nature. It is that which wakes us and guides us through the day, through time itself, it defines so much of our life. The Sun is also that which children play under on a warm, Summers day. It’s scientific fact that sunlight (obviously taken in proportion) helps aid recovery of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

And the Sun’s significance is not limited to our own solar system but to the countless beautiful stars that make up our galaxy and the many beyond in the Universe. While there is no doubt beauty in the shimmering darkness, we could not appreciate it without the gift that is Light. Even the most staunch atheist can agree; We are all made from stardust.

Clearly, we are all children of the Sun.

That is why we correspond Our Bright Mother with the Sun. In the Clear Recital, within the Creation, it is said that Déa laughed the Universe into being. The whole first chapter is littered with descriptions of how life was radiated and given form by the love and joy felt by Our Mother as Her happiness gave birth to all things. Madria Theia’s primary Mystery is that of the creation of all spirits. Everything that ever was and will be is an expression of Her joy. Each one of us, whatever and whomever we are, is a tiny ray of Her sheer delight.

Growing up I was always told that Sunday, the ‘Sabbath’ for Christians, was a solemn day of rest and reflection. For Sophians, however, I feel it is a day of enjoyment and fun. All laughter, music, dancing and happiness is an act of devotion to Kyria Theia. As for many it is the start of the week and a good time to reflect upon the Creation and remember, always, that we were created by Our Lady not to bow down in worship or obedience or subjugation. We were born to share in Her love and joy. We were born to try our best to live this life with as much happiness in our hearts as we can find. Now, suffering with depression and anxiety myself, I’m aware that’s not always easy. But praying to Kyria Theia, asking Her to shine Her rays upon you, to guide you in opening your heart to Our Lady’s delight, does help me a lot.

So if you’re lucky enough to rest today, do so. Even if you do have to work, as many of us do, let it not harden your heart or deflate your soul. Summon Her into your work space or wherever you need to be. Try to feel Her joy even as you toil. Think of a joke or anecdote recently that made you laugh out loud. Think of someone close to you who does something so adorable or comical that you can’t help but smile. Think of a piece of news or media that gave you a feeling of excitement or enlightenment.

Let Her be a portable Sun to carry with you as you go.

O, Madria Theia, Jana of Illumination, Generosity and Benevolence, be with us.

May the Pure Stream of Your Virtues flow within me, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

Blessed be the Seven Holy Aeons; the Janati.

Blessed is She.




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