Sophian & Janite Déanism


24th of Columbina 

I have now completed the edits to my blog that have removed mentions of identifying as Filianist or labelling my path ‘Sophian Filianism’.

I now refer to my faith simply as Sophian Déanism. Please see the About / ‘Sophian Déanism’ page in the Menu briefly explaining what my path means.

Another wonderful bit of news to update on is that I have become an official devotee of the Janite Tradition, which is itself a Sophian Déanic faith. After many enlightening discussions with ArchMadria Candra Sophia, we both came to the decision to merge our paths under this one perfect label, creating a religion that will finally give Sophia – Our Mother, Our God, Our Déa – the devotion and praise She is due. Sophian Déanism is a faith for those looking to worship Sophia without Her being pushed aside or demoted or patronised by the Divine Masculine. However, unlike some Déanic faiths, we do not deny the existence of a Father God or Divine Son; merely that Déa – Our Divine Mother – is supreme over them and the True Source of all that is. Sophian Déanists are free to still worship the Father and Son if they so desire, so long as their worship is kept separate from the feminine Sophian Trinity; the Dark Mother Barbelo, the Bright Mother Maria-Sophia, and the Holy Daughter Zoe-Sophia.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to find a tradition to which I feel I belong at last. I was content as an Independent Filianist, different but similar to my more Orthodox friends in the Ekklesia, but I have since realised that I was holding onto the Filianist label for the wrong reasons. I was attempting to broaden the religion to mean something which, by its Orthodox roots, it simply wasn’t. Filianism should be allowed to be its own thing without me attempting to turn it into something else for my own needs, creating different Filianist ‘denominations’ when none were meant to exist. While I still share many similar beliefs with my Filianist sisters, I now feel more comfortable being proud of my beliefs that are different and to which I am not alone in holding in the wider Déanic faith.

Last year I did a small solitary rite of consecration to welcome myself into the Déanic faith. Now I may do something similar to specifically celebrate entering the Janite Tradition with the blessing of ArchMadria Candra Sophia and the other wonderful ladies in the group.

May we all shine in Her limitless Light,

Blessed is She.

[artist for above imagine unknown, if anyone is aware, please inform me so I can credit]


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