Changing Paths

22nd of Columbina

The ‘About Sophian Déanism’ page on my blog is undergoing a rewrite.

This is due in me coming to the realisation that I am no longer comfortable identifying as Filianist.

I am still a Déanist; I believe God as Mother is Supreme above all other entities. I believe we all came from Her and we shall all return to Her. However, I also do not deny the existence of a Divine Masculine who emanates from the Divine Mother. He is not a part of my religion but I believe His presence is valid for those who believe in Him. I do not believe in Feminine Essentialism or that women are somehow a better reflection of God than men or other creations. I believe all souls, whatever gender or sexuality or race they may take in this life, all come from Déa and are a part of Her. While I believed that identifying as ‘Independent Filianist’ meant it was possible to be a part of that particular faith without also agreeing to these issues, they seem to be intrinsic to the faith itself and held by most, if not all, those in the community who identify as Filianist. That is fine, but I simply don’t share those beliefs. And I don’t wish to branch Filianism as a term out into something it’s not supposed to be.

I still believe and worship the Holy Daughter. I observe the Madrian feasts and Wheel of the Year. I follow the Creed and the Catechism (Janite form). I still study the Clear Recital and use it as my spiritual guide and foundation – but I do not believe either of these are claimed exclusively by Filianism and existed before going back to the practices of Lux Madriana and possibly before.

Therefore I find myself leaning more towards the religion of the Janite Tradition, which has also taken on the name of Sophian Déanism. We both share an understanding of the Divine Masculine existing separately from the Divine Feminine and both coming from the Great Mother Mysteria; Déa Barbelo. We also share the same view on the Daughter, Zoe Sophia, having sacrificed Herself by becoming the Soul of the World as opposed to literally ‘dying’ at the hands of the Fallen Queen. Having had some wonderful discussions with the Janite High Priestess, ArchMadria Candra Sophia, I feel we agree on certain theological ideas more so than I do with Filianists, for the most part.

However, despite our small differences, I still feel a kinship with my Filianist sisters and hope this doesn’t change anything in our shared worship of Déa – the Mother, the Daughter, the Great Mysteria and the Seven Janati. I don’t plan on moving away or distancing myself from the Greater Déanic community. I think now more than ever we need to try to regrow certain bonds as opposed to giving up and salting the earth, so to speak.

I will later be editing certain pages on my blog, as well as my Tumblr, to remove mentions to identifying as Filianist. I am still in the process of learning finer details about the Janite Tradition so will be a learning process.

May She hold us all close in Her arms,

Sorella Roselyn.



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