Happy Eastre!


“The children of the earth cried: ‘Lift up your voices in song and laughter, for the princess of the world was dead and is alive again, was broken and is whole; and there is no place whereto Her joyous rule does not extend. Give praise to the Mother of All Things, and praise to Her Daughter. Rejoice for the world is renewed!'”

– The Clear Recital (NCUV), 1:9:21-23

1st of Columbina

Today is arguably the most important day of the Filianic calendar. It is the Day of Our Lady’s resurrection, the first day of Spring, the day of Kyria Metis (Lady Wisdom), and the first day of the liturgical new year.

Blessings and good will to all my fellow Filyana today! Whatever tradition you may be, we are all one Ekklesia of Our Lady, Déa.

Whatever name you know the Holy Daughter by, may She bless and keep you in all things!

Congratulations to all those who have observed their Moura dedications probably better than I did (I managed to avoid chocolate for the most part. So guess what I am doing today!). Let’s all go into the new year with our souls tempered and confident for what the future may bring.

This morning I had a lovely walk with my dogs and was struck heavily by the presence of Déa all around me. We have been experiencing an overly long Winter here in England with heavy snow and icy winds. Finally today it felt like a true Spring day with clear skies, bright sunshine and mild temperature. On my phone I listened to a reading of The Clear Recital by our Sorella Fawn (who is currently taking an indefinite break from the Ekklesia, but her contributions will always be appreciated). This was followed by a selection of music on my Spotify playlist which helped fuel my devotional mood for the morning. One piece which came up was from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack; Hans Zimmer’s ‘The Burning Bush’.

At the climax of this piece (around 4:45) I was almost in tears as I experienced my beloved Kyria, Zoe Sophia, taking my hands and dancing with my very soul. It felt like the closest I’ve come to experiencing astral projecting (a practice I have never quite got the hang of before).

My goal for this year is to try and remember that this feeling of celebration is not just limited to today. Though it is a special mark of remembrance for Our Lady, the Daughter is continuously being born, living, descending, dying and rising for us every single moment of every day. I intend to try to capture this joy and feeling of worth, bottle it, and remind myself to be filled with Her Spirit anytime I need Her.

Wishing love and happiness to all my Filianic siblings, as well as to Pagans celebrating Ostara in praise of the Goddess. I also wish my Jewish friends a blessed Passover, and to Christians a happy Easter in celebrating the day of their Lord (who I still adore and admire as one of my Agyias).

Praise be to the Mother; Marya Sophia,

Praise be to the Daughter; Kyria Zoe.

Praise be to the Dark Mother; Mysteria Barbelo.

Praise be to Déa. Blessed is She.



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