28th of Moura

Images of Our Lady have been blacked out to mark the last day of Moura and the day of Hiatus – the day outside of time. The day when the Daughter has reached the seventh gate of Hell and been sacrificed, Her soul shattered for the redemption of all Maids. Our Celestial Mother also descends and smashes through the gates in order to revive Her beloved Daughter. We also black out images in honour of the Dark Mother, who holds the Universe in perfect order, while the Mother and Daughter have descended.

This is why the Hiatus exists outside of time. Our Heavenly Mother is Light, the Logos, Thamë (laws and harmony). Her Daughter, Our Lady, is the one who rules over the energies within creation. Without them, the Universe becomes as it was before the Creation, when there was only Dark Mother – the Barbelo, Déa Mysteria, also called Sige (Silence) in Gnosticism. There is no dwelling on the future or regretting the past; only focusing on the present, on the moment. Many Filianists choose to veil or to fast or meditate in silence as we await the rebirth of the Daughter.

There is some discourse over what is meant by the ‘death’ of the Daughter. Many rightly argue that is impossible for Déa, even a part of Her, to die. I would agree with this but I also believe that when we think of death our minds automatically leap to a somewhat Western Nihilistic concept; that death is something final. That death is a permanent annihilation. However, as anyone who has practised Tarot knows, ‘death’ merely represents change. Renewal. Even most Filianists believe in reincarnation; we believe that death is merely a gateway into Avala, then onwards to our next life. The same is true for the Daughter. The Recital tells us that, before She descends, Her Mother takes Her light from Her to replace it with the Daughter’s own light so that She may pass through the gates of Hell and endure the suffering required for Her sacrifice. I suspect this would not have been possible had She merely entered the gates with Her Mother’s light and protection upon Her. When Our Lady is ‘killed’ by the Fallen Queen, I believe this refers to that part of Her own light being changed; extinguished perhaps to be ready to ignite again as something new and even greater than before.

As Maids, we can share in this sacrifice by attempting to let a part of ourselves ‘die’ in order to rise again, stronger and wiser, to be renewed in Our Lady’s image. I believe this to be our ego or ignorance, that which causes the kear in our souls to grow and separate us from Déa. Just as it is with the Daughter, She dies as one being separated from Her Mother, but is reborn along with the collective soul of all Maids. In Her, we are Many, as One.

May you have a solemn and peaceful hiatus. In the name of Barbelo, Sophia and Kyria Zoë;

Blessed be the Lady.

Blessed is She.


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