Med-Moura Musings

Med-Moura is what it says on the tin. It is the a day half-way(ish) through the month of Moura; the holy month of Our Lady’s descent. For Filianists, this is a day when we are allowed to have a break from the things we have decided to sacrifice over this month. Both the Orthodox calendar and the Janite calendar observe Med-Moura on the 5th of March / 14th of Moura (with exceptions for a leap year). However, I’ve personally decided to celebrate Med-Moura on my birthday which is this coming weekend. My family knows I love chocolate, which is what I have decided to sacrifice for this month, so it seems fitting that to be the day I allow myself to take a breather and indulge myself.

As well as giving up chocolate, I did have other goals during this month which I haven’t been as successful in achieving. Originally I was going to veil while at home as I have an opportunity with having the house to myself. I was also going to walk my dogs for longer during the day though, to be fair, this one has been partly tampered by the rather sporadic blizzards we’ve had this past week. I had hoped to pray more, to meditate, to read the Clear Recital often and maybe write up some musings on both the teachings and the particular chapters of the Mythos concerning Our Lady’s fall. General laziness and depression, as well as the weather, have rather been an obstacle.

However I think an important thing to remember is that we Filianists consider Moura as the end to our year. The first day of Eastre, Our Lady’s resurrection, is when the Earth is renewed and our new year begins. We don’t just decide on that day what our resolutions for the year ahead will be. Moura is supposed to be our period to test ourselves as Maid’s and see how we can better ourselves and what challenges we can undertake. Déa knows we are fallible. Unlike the Daughter, khear weighs down our souls, and so it is impossible for any single one of us to take on all the hardships and sufferings of the world as Our Lady has done. We do as much as we are able and push ourselves a little bit at a time but not enough that we will only end up doing more harm to our spirits than good.

Today, for example, there came a point where I faced a decision to do the housework or take a nap because I was feeling rather tired when it was only two in the afternoon. About to go to bed, I suddenly remembered the story of the First Daughter and the Snake, with the Snake encouraging her to give into her weariness and rest. Now I have various thoughts on the Snake and don’t necessarily see it as a malevolent or evil being. In fact, I believe that with its ‘love for the darkness that was before’, the Snake believed itself to be a devout servant of the Dark Mother, the Barbelo, Déa Matrona. But like so many religious fanatics do, the Snake acted on what it thought was best for its beloved God and not what She originally intended. We all desire rest, we desire inner peace, maybe even non-existence to take the dharmic viewpoint. But Déa has set us paths to achieve that and taking the easy way, which is what I interpret the Snake as attempting to teach the First Daughter, was one that simply caused more harm than good.

Thinking on all of this; I decided to clean my house. I spent special care dusting and polishing my humble little altar, with a statue of Aphrodite representing the Daughter. One day I hope to acquire a Sophia statue to be more accurate to my personal path, but Aphrodite being another form of Kyria Tethys works more than well enough for now. Her sweet smile fills me with warmth and I know what little or more I can achieve when pushing myself to act instead of hiding away makes Her proud.

So if you don’t feel like you are being quite the devout Filianist that you planned to be this Moura, be kind to yourself. The month isn’t over yet and you have plenty more opportunity to put those plans into action. And if you wind up by circumstance not doing as much as you hoped for, Our Lady knows you did what you could, and She will always appreciate your devotion.

Remember that even Our Lady trembled with fear at the tests before Her, but She did not allow fear or doubt to overcome Her.

Knowing that She had not the light of Her Mother upon Her, evil keres gathered about and troubled Her, with fear and dread of isolation, and every sort of restriction.

They tore Her soul with their talons, crying: “Hope is dead, for the light of the Mother is fallen from You. You shall go down to suffering and death and no one shall save You. In the illimitable emptiness of the universe You shall stand alone and none shall give You comfort. In the darkness of eternal night You shall kneel to weep and no hand shall be put upon Your shoulder, but every hand shall be raised against You to do you hurt.”

And the Maid was filled with trembling, but She answered: “Go your ways, for what I have said, that shall I do.”

And the keres spoke, saying, “Be led by us, and You shall have protection and all good things. The whole of the world shall be Your fortress, and You shall have wealth and magnificence that all the children of the earth shall love You.”

But the Maid answered: “How shall you give to Me that which is Mine? For I am the princess of the world, and all the children of the earth have been given into My care by the hand of the Eternal.” 

~ Chapter 7 of the Holy Mythos, The Clear Recital (NCUV)

Remember Our Lady’s resolute words when you feel like the keres or archons of the world are bearing down on you and wanting you to give up. We are placed into the care of the Princess of Heaven and, as nothing stopped Her from Her goal, so to are we kept safe in her charge and we share in her courage and wisdom.

As a Sophian, I also meditate on my patron Hera; Mary Magdalene, who I believe became a mirror for the Daughter, Zoe Sophia, when she undertook seven demons into her soul in order to be cleansed and renewed by her Rabbi, Yeshua. Personally I do not believe that Magdalene was wholly dependant on Yeshua for her salvation, but rather he handed her the tools to which she was able to awaken the spirit of Lady Zoe within Her and defeat the archons who had taken hold of her soul. In doing so she lit up a path to which her own disciples might follow in order to discover gnosis and be one with Déa.

However you are observing Moura in your practice, take this day or whichever day you have for Med-Moura, to take a breath and give thanks to the Holy Daughter, but also be proud of yourself and just appreciate the beauty there is around you, indulging a little bit if you wish, not to the point of any sort of self-harm. When the Daughter rejected the keres that taunted Her, that was when Her own light began to shine within Her, replacing Her Mother’s light which had been lifted. Thus we all have a part of Her light inside of us. It’s always been there. Find it and be proud of it, as She is proud of you.

Have a blessed day,
For blessed is She.




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