Filianism: Myths and Misconceptions

Goddess of 10,000 Names

As Filianism gains the attention of people outside the Filianic community, I would like to address some myths and misconceptions about Our Faith that I have seen propagated as truth on the World Wide Web. Below I have included five of the most popular misconceptions I have seen circulating around about Filianism and what we believe:

Misconception #1: Filianism is an Aristasian religion.

Truth: Filianism is a religion for everyone. I am not an Aristasian, and am indeed quite critical of Aristasia. While the Aristasians have done a wonderful job in creating the Chapel of Our Mother God for all the world to discover the beauty of Our Faith (and I frequently cite this website in my work not to promote Aristasian Filianism but to give credit where credit is due. I do not agree with everything that is stated on the Chapel of Our Mother God or even on…

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