17th of Ourania

Welcome to my faith blog. 🙂

My name is Sorella (Sister) Roselyn and I am a Sophian Déanist / Filianist. For a full explanation on what that means please see the link above.

Put simply, I worship the Divine Sophia as the one God (Déa). I am a former Gnostic Christian who for many years worshipped the Quaternity form of God – Mother, Father, Son, Daughter. However recently I have found my worship shifting to focus solely on the Divine Feminine. I also found myself connecting more with the Filianic Scriptures than I ever have with the Bible, including many of the ‘Gnostic texts’, though Gnosticism still shapes a lot of my beliefs. Except now I view them through a Déanic lens.

I believe in Sophia as the Great Mother Mysteria; also called ‘Barbelo’. She is the Absolute Beginning and the Foundation of all reality. I believe in Sophia as the Celestial Mother, the Holy Spirit of the Universe, the great Genetrix and Comforter. And I believe in her child and ‘lower self’, Zoe, as the the Holy Daughter. She is the Holy Soul of the world, the spark of divinity connecting all things, while the Mother acts as the Supernal being surrounding and fulfilling the multiverse of Barbelo.

I also believe in the Seven Janati, who I refer to by their Grecian names and titles, in keeping with Sophia’s heavy connection to Greek philosophy. These are the Seven Great Rays of Déa Sophia. My beliefs are more influenced by the Janite Tradition than by Orthodox or Madrian Déanism. However I consider myself an Independent Sophian. My main source of inspiration are the Filianic Scriptures and the Gnostic gospels. I believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were enlightened teachers, Ayias (Saints), whose lives and teachings were influenced by Kyria Zoe, the Holy Daughter.

There are many new things I am still discovering and, despite being a Gnostic and Sophian for many years, I am very new to Filianism and looking forward to learning more and meeting other Déanists, Filianists and Sophians from different paths. I plan to use this blog as a personal faith journal.

Blessed be the Lady.

Blessed be She.


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